Discover our close protection services

Protecting you is our priority

We offer a wide range of services, from simple close protection, a transfer with a bodyguard driver with an armoured vehicle, a motorised escort to airport reception…

Close protection

Surrounded by security experts, LVD VIP ensures the protection of numerous celebrities and businessmen/women, as well as people from the world of politics, sports and entertainment, in France and abroad.

secure transport & armoured vehicles

For your travels and transfers, we can ensure your safety by providing you with a team of bodyguards, as well as ultra secure and 100% armoured vehicles, to make your travels a moment of serenity.

LVD VIP has many years of experience in the secure transport of people and goods.

security driver

Our drivers are both experienced in VIP driving and also trained in close protection, with the ability to drive defensively in the event of an attack or threat.

They are trained to deal with all types of situations: counter-fire, armed ambushes or vehicle hijackings. You will travel with a clear mind.


Our team is at your disposal:
+33 1 88 33 98 53

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